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Reservations and/or cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Senior Dining and HDM Overview & Eligibility Info

Meal Site Days & Times

*3/18/2020 Due to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020, all Senior Meal Dining Site locations throughout Vilas County will be closed until further notice. The health and safety of the senior population in Vilas County is one of our top priorities.  Home delivered meals will continue to be delivered with the drivers taking extra precautions and modifications to interactions with participants. There are no home delivered meals available in Land O Lakes. 

*Starting 4/1/2020 Carryout meals are available from our dining sites.  There are no carryout meals available in Land O Lakes.  Land O Lakes participants may carryout from Phelps.  All participants: please call your site manager for details.  

*Starting 6/2/2020 Carryout meals will be available in Land O Lakes.  Please call your site manager for details.  


More Than a Meal Cafe
1019 E Wall Street
Eagle River, WI 54521
Serving Days: Monday through Friday at noon 

Site Manager: Jennie Johnson

Reservations: (715) 891-1221

More Than A Meal Cafe June Menu

More Than A Meal Cafe July Menu

Golden Years Cafe
Northern Exposure
4384 Deerskin Road
Phelps, WI 54554

Serving Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon

 Site Manager: Judi Heikkinen

Reservations: (715) 545-3697


The Lunch Bunch 

Boulder Beer Bar
5509 Hwy M
Boulder Junction, WI 54512
Serving Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 a.m.
Site Manager: Josie Allen
Reservations: (715) 385-2617 

The Lunch Bunch June Menu

The Lunch Bunch July Menu


St. Germain Senior Cafe

The St. Germain Community Center
545 State Hwy 155
St. Germain, WI 54558
Serving Days: Wednesday through Friday at noon

Site Manager: Nancy Moser
Reservations: (715) 617-2795

St. Germain Senior Cafe June Menu

St. Germain Senior Cafe July Menu


Lac du Flambeau Wellness Center

125 Old Abe Rd./Hwy 47
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538
Serving Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon
Site Manager: Lorraine Wildcat
Reservations: (715) 588-4388

 *3/13/2020 The Lac du Flambeau Congregate Dining Site is closed as of Monday, March 16, 2020.  

*4/6/2020 Starting Monday, April 6, Lac du Flambeau will switch to delivery only of the frozen meals and milk on Mondays & Tuesdays.  Plase call Lorraine at (715) 892-4638 to be added to the home delivery list.  Do not come out to pick meals up. 



Love of Life Cafe 

Gateway Lodge
4103 Highway B
Land O'Lakes, WI 54540
Serving Days: Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

Site Manager: Anna Moore

Reservations: (715) 547-6076

Love of Life Cafe June Menu

Love of Life Cafe July Menu

*There are no carryout meals available in Land O Lakes at this time.  Land O Lakes participants may carryout from Phelps.  Please call your site manager for details. 

**Starting 6/2/2020 Carryout meals will be available in Land O Lakes.  Please call your site manager for details.  

"Healthy Option"
Healthy Vegetable Salad plus a protein source
Available daily as an alternative to the menu item.

To make a reservation, please contact site managers.  Suggested donation is $5.00 per meal.  Many sites organize fun and fulfilling activities. Contact individual sites for more information.

Nutrition Education

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July 2019 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Cooking & Seasoning with Herbs

June 2019 Nutrition Education: How to Store Leftovers

May 2019 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Spring Berries

April 2019 Nutrition Education: Easter Egg Safety Tips

March 2019 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Set Your Plate with MyPlate

February 2019 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Are YOU Good to Your Heart?

January 2019 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Fat Facts

December 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Food Product Dating

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September 2018 Nutrition Education: Mix up your meals with new ideas

August 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Fill up on Fluids

July 2018 Nutrition Education: Be Active Adults

June 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Limiting Added Sugars

May 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Added Sugars

April 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Kitchen Food Safety

March 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Protein

February 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-National Canned Food Month Combating Canned Food Myths

January 2018 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Soup

December 2017 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Holiday Health

November 2017 Nutrition Education: Staying Well-Foods Rich in Nutrients

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September 2017 Nutrition Education: Let's Play Food-Keep or Toss

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July 2017 Nutrition Education: Water-The Beverage of Life

June 2017 Nutrition Education: Don't Mess With These Food Safety Myths

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December 2016 Nutrition Education: Foods Rich in Nutrients

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February 2016 Nutrition Education: Meet the Grain Group

January 2016 Nutrition Education: Tiny Tastes Can Total Big Calories