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Home Delivered Meals

When your meal is delivered, please eat it while it is hot. If for some reason you must keep it for your evening meal, refrigerate it immediately and heat in a 350-degree oven for 25 minutes. If you don't eat the meal within 3 days, you should freeze or discard it.

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Who is eligible for home delivered Meals?

Any of the following individuals are eligible to receive home-delivered meals:
1) a person aged 60 or older who is frail and essentially homebound by reasons of illness, disability, or isolation, for which an assessment concludes that participation is in the individual's best interest.
2) the spouse of a person eligible for a home delivered meal as described above, regardless of age or condition, if an assessment concludes that it is in the best interest of the homebound older individual.
3) a disabled individual who resides at home with an eligible older individual participating in the program

How long can I receive the meals?

At least annually, you'll be assessed to determine continued eligibility. If you feel the meals are no longer needed you can cancel them by calling the ADRC of Vilas County. 

What happens if there is a storm?

We don't send our drivers out on days when schools have cancelled due to weather conditions. Listen to your local radio station-if you hear that school is cancelled you'll know that your meal has been cancelled also. We suggest you be prepared by keeping an emergency food supply. We can help you plan or shop for those supplies.

What if I can't be home when the meal arrives?

If you won't be home because of a doctor's appointment or other circumstances, be sure to let your Meal Site Manager or the ADRC of Vilas County know. If we bring a meal to your home and you don't answer the door, we will assume it is an emergency situation.  We will call your contact person and/or alert the Sheriff's department--so please remember to cancel your meal for a day you won't be home.

How much do I pay for the meals?

You pay by making a donation toward the cost of the meal. You must decide how much to give according to how much you can afford and how important the meals are to you. The cost of your meal is approximately $12.67 (which includes the costs of food, delivery, equipment, wages and administration). While part of the meals cost is paid by federal, state and county tax dollars, we depend on the donations of the people who receive the meals to help cover the expenses of this service. The suggested donation is $5.00 per meal.  No eligible participant will be denied a meal based on ability to contribute toward the cost of the meal.

Whom do I contact to start receiving meals?

Call Sue Richmond or Beckie Gleason at the ADRC of Vilas County
(715) 479-3625 or toll free (800) 374-1123.


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3/13/2020 Lac du Flambeau will continue to deliver meals to our most vulnerable homebound Elders. 

3/17/2020 All other meal sites will continue Home Delivered meals with the drivers taking extra precautions and with modifications to interactions with participants. There are no Home Delivered meals available in Land O Lakes.