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Aquatic Invasive Species Programs


From WI Statutes, chapter 23: ...non-indigenous species whose introduction causes, or is likely to cause, economic harm, environmental harm or harm to human health.

For a complete list of Wisconsin Regulated Species, see WI Statutes NR40 DNR Listing

For regulations on controlling aquatic plants, see

Vilas County Priority AIS species locations (EWM, CLP & SWF)


Clean Boats Clean Waters

2019 CBCW Workshops 


CBCW Resources and Information

UW-Extension Lakes CBCW Program

AIS Statute Guide 2013


Vilas County Lakes Conservation Partners

A group of diverse and engaged workers meet annually to keep up on new research, review, plan, and network regarding AIS issues in Vilas County. Participants come from Town Committees, Lake Organizations, DNR, WHIP, UW-Extension Lakes, UW-Center for Limnology, and more!

Vilas County's Invasive Species Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Missed the 2018 Lakes Conservation Partners Meeting?  See links below for presentations and handouts:


2018 Lake Org Partner Updates - Open Forum

2018 Lake Org Input on Invasive Species Strategic Plan

Land & Water:  AIS Prevention PowerPoint

WHIP PowerPoint

Priority AIS Map

Clean Boats Clean Waters:  CBCW Chart, 2018 Hours Graph, Boats/Hr Graph, Transient Boaters Graph, and Already Contacted by Another Inspector Graph

AIS Monitoring Effort

Water Clarity & Property Value Study: Cover, Report

Research on 2,4-D: Nault et al. 2017. Evaluation of large-scale low-concentration 2,4-D treatments for Eurasian water-milfoil

Research on 2,4-D:  Dehnert et al. 2018. Effects of low subchronic exposure of 2,4-D formulations on early life stages of fathead minnows.

Research on 2,4-D:  Rydell Thesis. 2018.  Effects of 2,4-D Herbicide Treatments Used to Control Eurasian Watermilfoil on Fish and Zooplankton in Northern Wisconsin Lakes.


Noteworthy creative partnering examples


The Cost of AIS

Most AIS work is partially funded by the WI DNR Surface Water Grant Program. Details of the WDNR Surface Water Grant Program can be found here.

DNR Surface Water Grant Awards to Vilas County entities



AIS Factsheets